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why choose SHAKE Finance?

Speak to someone who speaks your language

Our brokers are University degree qualified in Business and Finance, so you’re in very safe hands; but at the same time we don’t assume that you understand finance like we do (or love it like we do!). We know that finance can be confusing (and boring…) for some of our clients who don’t work in finance every day like us. That’s why we’ll discuss your dreams, and the suitable loan options to achieve them in plain English that you understand. No nonsense, no intimidation, and we promise: No mumbo-jumbo financial waffle.

Speak to us about what competitive rates we have access to

We have access to over 20 different banks and lenders. Our friendly staff would love to take you through an enjoyable journey to find the most suitable product for your needs and help you apply for it. We strive to take the stress away from such an important decision, by being there with you every step of the way.

Save time

Instead of you wasting your time walking in and out of banks to compare their products, come directly to us and we can do the research for you. This lets us do what we love and gives you time to do the things you love.

Our Service is complimentary

Our Service is complimentary always.But we believe this is unethical. If you’d like to learn about lending, we are more than willing to spend as much time as you’d like explaining how a loan works. We all agree finance is something that should be taught in school. Unfortunately it is not; but fortunately we have studied it for years and love handing on our knowledge. No question is a silly one, please ask away!

Be a person, not a number

Here at SHAKE Finance we truly care about every single one of our customers. We know you by name, not by a number!
We are here to help and genuinely want to see your dreams become reality, whether it be buying a property, new car, going on a holiday – speak to us today so we can help you get the finance to make this happen.

We come to you!

We can meet wherever is easiest for you anywhere around Australia; whether it be at your house, favorite cafe or workplace.
Most work can be carried out online/over the phone, making it easy for those with a busy lifestyle to use our service.

Contact us today to see how we can assist. Our service is complimentary and personalized just for you